Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Story Idea 1

And an initial idea for the story. This one happened at 2am last night and I've only just got it into something coherent, so forgive it if it seems awkward. Actually no, tell me if it seems awkward.

The Butterfly Effect/Psyche
A young woman, stricken by grief, finds peace through a rather unusual event.

Psyche (pronounced ‘sy-kee’, not ‘syke’), a young woman living on a space station, has recently lost her younger brother in an accident. She looks at photographs of her and her brother in their childhood – skipping, chasing butterflies, general childhood silliness. Her brother loved butterflies – beside the photographs is his rather extensive butterfly collection, and beside that is the urn containing his ashes.

The lights go out, and Psyche leaves her room to check it out. Under the emergency lighting she notices a butterfly, just fluttering at the end of the hall. She gives chase, and the butterfly leads her through winding corridors and places she is most assuredly not meant to be. Eventually, Psyche stumbles into the agriculture department, where the butterfly rejoins the rest of the pollinators. The lights come back on and Psyche marvels at the masses of butterflies. The film ends with a shot of the urn perched in the agriculture department, and perched on it are a pair of butterflies.


  1. Hey Meg,

    Just read it & I'm feeling it but I think for effect the skipping rope should not be in a photo collection...


    It is the final thing in the shot, instead of an urn can the butterflys not perch on a skipping rope in a display case? That would be kind of Uncanny also... just a thought.

    Other then that I'm liking it :P

  2. Danke Stitch! Yeah, I'm not convinced about the skipping rope just in the photos either. Mebbe it could be in the photos and also on the desk with the photos, like one last memento, and then again in the end alongside the urn. I dunno, it's early days yet and the story will go through a tonne of revisions.

  3. True dat dood, as I said you probably can do better then my advice. I'm just going with my gut haha