Tuesday, 28 February 2012

2D Animatic, minus establishing shot

Muggins here forgot to factor the establishing shot into the animatic, so this will be updated tomorrow.


  1. Hey Meg - I think you need a couple of additions; firstly, I think you need to find some suitable music - melancholy, reflective, piano, strings - that first kicks in when we're shown the skipping rope etc - it will further cement the meaning of those objects. Also - I really think we need to see earth - we need to understand that the shuttle hanger means 'return home' and as yet that's not in your story.

  2. Miss Meg, I have an epic track for this.. look for Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana - Interlude.
    'samanthagracebutler@hotmail.com' Email me and I'll email the track to you, if you like? :)

  3. Hey Meg,Its looking good but I do not understand the ending? Im gavering the butterfly is a spirit of his lover? which is good. It frustrates me though as I want to know what is beyond the door! :) If that was your goal, you did it well.