Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Influence Maps - Environment

Starting out with space stations and what they might look like - during this I pondered what to call the station. I originally liked 'Chimera', but then it hit me that the obvious name was 'Space Station Psyche', Psyche being the ancient Greek word for both 'soul' and 'butterfly', hence the former protagonist's name.

And possible spaceship interiors. It seems that a lot of artists approach the topic as a place of horror and fear, or at least obscure as much from view as they reasonably can. I suspect this is due to the fact that many of them will have seen photos of the ISS (see below), but pitch darkness isn't something I want to go for. Yes, the lights will go out, but they'll be replaced with emergency lighting, hich, while not exactly perfect, will create sufficient light for it not to have a horror aesthetic.

The International Space Station - most remote human outpost, cutting edge of astronomic research and so horribly cluttered you could lose a small dog among all those pipes and cables. This place does not give a single toss about aesthetics - all it cares about is fitting as much delicate equipment into as small a space as possible. Obviously this is visually impractical, so I won't be working from it in terms of aesthetics but I will refer to it for the atmosphere of the place.

And some ordinary, non-spacebound ship interiors, particularly corridors and engine rooms. There will probably be an aircraft hangar map as well at some point.

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  1. Nice maps Meg :) looking forward to seing your visuals!!