Friday, 19 April 2013

Golgi Apparatus - Finished? Maybe?

And this is where I'm at with the Golgi apparatus. I'm tempted to leave it here, but I keep thinking 'not detailed enough, not detailed enough'. Opinions or advice, anyone?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

For the Sake of an Update

Sorry I've been quiet. Here's where I'm at so far.

ATP, with stand-in colours and a bend deformer for animation.

Rough of the overall cell with nucleus and nucleolus.

DNA, with currently invisble split down the middle to separate into RNA.

Current progress of the endoplasmic reticulum.

Mitochondrion, also with bend deformer.

Ribosome, hopefully looking more like a ribosome than the ones in my animatic.

Vesicle, without deformers yet.

Golgi complex, which still hates me.

And the voiceover, kindly provided by Taff Girdlestone.

Also, apparently Golgi is pronounced the Italian way, what with Camillo Golgi being Italian and all. For some reason I had thought the discoverer was Hungarian.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Golgi Apparatus Model - Help?

So my modelling for the cell is almost complete, but I'm having a tonne of trouble getting the Golgi apparatus to look right. Above is what I've got so far, any suggestions on how to move forward/make a better model/interpret the diagram? Thanks muchly.