Thursday, 11 April 2013

Golgi Apparatus Model - Help?

So my modelling for the cell is almost complete, but I'm having a tonne of trouble getting the Golgi apparatus to look right. Above is what I've got so far, any suggestions on how to move forward/make a better model/interpret the diagram? Thanks muchly.


  1. Hi Meg - Emily Clarkson has just finished modelling her golgi apparatus - and I know she was asking herself similar questions - why don't you drop her a comment on her blog and swap some notes...

  2. Hi Meg, as Phil points out I hit a similar issue when I was building mine basing off exactly the same image.

    One thing I could suggest is you could create that 'trans face' in the foreground. I managed to create a similar look buy selecting a small cluster of faces and deleting a small hole through one of the foremost 'lumen' (???). To seal up the rough edges I just merged the vertices together from the front and back of the 'lumen'.

    I suppose to make the 'cisternae' more 'blobby' you could try selecting the vertices of one and scale it upwards, for that kind of bubble effect? I'm not sure if that will work (I haven't tried it myself- but its worth a shot)

    I hope this might have been of some help to you. Good luck!!!!