Monday, 6 February 2012

Butterflies! Ropes! Glowy Things!

I know Phil's been badgering me to let go of the literal interpretation of the butterfly, but I think it's really powerful symbolically so for now I'm sticking with it. The skipping rope, however, has been, at least in the context of the 'Psyche' idea, mostly sorted. I want to have the butterfly glow and leave behind a trail of light like a rope - kind of like the motorbikes in Akira.

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  1. Hey Meg,

    This is a nice idea, I think sometimes we just have a gut feeling about something and have to go with it. The only thing I will say here is that a streak of light is well & good but Phil will argue that the rope is not performing the function of a skipping rope. How will you get these light trails to swing around & around, & how is that relevant to the story...

    Just consider that...

    P.s. I could really use your input on my ideas post... Located here: