Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Script Rewrite 1

After chatting with Phil to get the prop and the setting working for the story, I rewrote the script, and here it is. I'm actually a lot happier with this one, it feels a lot more resolved than the previous version.

The Butterfly Effect Draft

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  1. Hey Meg,
    Sorry this is late

    I would like to point out an intitial observation which always helps me out. Before you start digging into the scripting process map out who your character is what their motivations are.

    Your character still doesnt have a name & usually thats the first thing I do because the name immediately conveys something (dont ask me how).

    I would recommend that you go to the creative writing guides on myuca and first create the structure before committing to the written word. When you commit in a script you are very precious with it (it has happened to me millions of times). Get a premise going, forge a logline get a synopsis and forge an act structure considering what is required to convey your story in a minute.

    We only have a minute, so the range is short to convey a level of obvious motivation. What you said to me on my post a while back is true... my act structures didnt end so I went away and looked at the 3 act structure broken down what was required and now I'm somewhat happy with the script I knocked up (in the space of 2 hours) when I had all of the premise etc penned down.

    Literally once you have all of the above all you have to do is use the 3 act structure as a guide & then connect the edges and pow you have a script without even trying.

    Kind of removes the challenge of it, when I think I used to sit there and just write off of the top of my head.

    Write around the 3 act structure get those elements satisfied and your story will just give birth to itself... its so weird lol

    Anyway those are my two cents, they could be wrong I'm just typing a storm lol

    I hope some of it is helpful to you