Monday, 31 October 2011

Petrified Forest Study

One of the descriptions that most fascinated me in 20kLUtS was that of the petrified forest through which Aronnax and Nemo pass to reach the ruins of Atlantis. As I haven't really drawn or painted trees much before, I had a bash at it. The composition is insanely busy, but actually getting to grips with the twisty, winding shapes was handy.

Also, apologies for not being in on Friday, I was somewhat busy being in A&E and getting my broken foot cast. Could somebody let me know what I missed? Thanks!


  1. lol we did wonder where you were! Having broken my foot before I can totally sympathise. My email is, if you aren't coming in give me your email address and I'll try and write neat notes for you.
    You missed some photoshop stuff that I'll ask Sammy to explain. In Maya we just went through the next project. Its one building over 5 weeks and the tutorials are (should be) up on the tutorial site.

    Anyway, what I was going to say was the trees are beautiful.

  2. Thanks JJ, thanks Chrissie! And no worries, I'm in, i'm camping out down in DM5 at the mo. I'll collar Simon at some point and ask him to quickly go over what we did in Maya. Thanks!