Sunday, 9 October 2011

More Sketches

I have figured out a way to ride a horse with a collapsed spine and fused legs - sidesaddle! The sketch could probably use a bit more refinement, but it's more about the concept than the execution at this point. I'm definitely enjoying taking the 'blind stubbornness' route, it's interesting to see how I could carry on with my daily life. I did notice, however, that most people who saw this were more 'lol shark on a horse' than 'oh wow, hideously disfgured human surpassing her physical body and pursuing her passion regardless'.
Also, I am on a course in which I can justifiably draw a shark-lady riding a horse sidesaddle. Life is good.

Phil suggested looking at the social impact of my transformation, something I hadn't considered. I am very naive, and simply assumed people would put on their big girl knickers and deal with it, but after watching the Elephant Man I'm not so sure. I would absolutely be ashamed of my transformation, and as I desperately fear being socially unacceptable I would endeavour to hide it as best I could. I would also resent the fact that my transformation would force me into skirts, but that's not especially relevant.

Another face study, this time taking the brain-in-front-of-eyes idea a bit further and seeing what it would do to the frontal view. I'm not certain about this one, it doesn't really read as a shark. Ho hum.

Okay. Great white sharks have enormous livers. As in, during an autopsy, when the shark's liver was removed, one of the comparitive anatomists lay down next to it and it was longer than she was tall. Admittedly she was a very small comparitive anatomist, but nevertheless. The shark's liver contains squalene, an oil that acts as a buoyancy aid, hence why it's so blooming huge.Human abdomens are, obviously, not built to house 5 foot long livers, so the result would be pretty unpleasant.
This has been your daily waiving of good taste, have a nice day.
Also how do I anatomy


  1. That last drawing is ace... :)

  2. Exciting to see you did quite a few study drawings and in a variety of topics :] I ghuess by now you're starting to feel more and more confident about this metamorphosis task :]
    I'd also suggest, that when you do your drawings also introduce some colour to further push the feeling your piece is creating. I mean, you can still be working as it is comfortable to you, in balck and white, but perhaps colour for these sketches could be as a final layer. justmakes things much more vivid when viewed from aside :]
    Nice work!

  3. shark mutant on horseback, well, I've seen everything now! The logic re. the liver is just the kind of 'magic molecule' of inspiration that ignites true innovation - so I wouldn't worry on grounds of taste, after all, we did just sit and watch Splice together... I think the shark face portrait has a certain dufus charm - lots of nice ideas sparking here - perhaps your real challenge will be identifying which one of them is 'inevitable'?

  4. hey meg, bit last minute but i stumbled upon this (not particularly big) image that seemed like something you could use.