Monday, 3 October 2011

Online Greenlight Review



  1. Meg - I wonder if you're toggling between the 'Compose' mode and the 'HTML' mode? Once you've got the embed code copied, go back to your post window and you'll see the 'HTML' tab - it causes confusion, because it looks as if it's pre-selected, but click on it and you'll see a change in display; paste the embed code into this window and then re-select 'Compose' and you should see the presentation - voila! - then - to centre it, just use the text alignment option. Let me know if this has been the problem - or if it's something more peculiar!

  2. Aha! Success! Thanks Phil, I was so sick of pasting and re-pasting the code in I didn't notice that.

  3. OGR 3/10/11

    Hey Meg,

    Firstly, congrats on getting your debut OGR up and published after a fight with blogger and embed codes. Embedding video files from youtube or vimeo is exactly the same - copy the code, paste into HTML window of blogger, and bob's your uncle. It would be good then, to see some actual shark footage on your blog to accompany your deepening understanding of your animal's anatomy.

    Your OGR is succinct and demonstrates clearly how much thought you've already given the approach to your portrait. I find the warmth, wit and enthusiasm of your engagement thus far hugely satisfying - with reviews distinguished by the intelligence and confident tone and a general sense of you taking pleasure from the thematic remit of the unit.

    The emphasis on the human cost of your splice is great; some thoughts to consider; sharks are disliked/distrusted by the general public, so I wonder if your social segregation would be greater? Sharks are deemed as hard-wired predators, so I expect you'd be kept away from children and the vulnerable. While I like the addition of the glasses, it does feel as if they'd have to be customised somehow to accommodate the new shape of your skull, so maybe they'd be more 'assembled' - I don't know, adapted with different elements to fit.* I like the whiff of tragedy and endurance given off by your various thumbnails, so in terms of your final portrait, look to a resolution that transmits this. The idea that, when your hybrid is feeding, it would have to descend into savage meat-shredding is another indignity that the human element would have to ensure - rather like poor old Seth Brundle and his vomit drop!

    *If your shark-self has been shunned by society because of fear over your predatory instincts, maybe all your supporting stuff - zimmer frame etc. - have been built and cannibalised from other stuff, because you would have been denied access to the NHS?

    In regard to your written assignment, I think you can be more succinct still: "This essay examines cultural conceptions of animals in relation to shape-shifting mythology, with particular emphasis on Celtic foklore."

    Also, when you introduce your various sources, consider outlining their specific use or point of relevance to your investigation, so '... and Marina Warner's From the Beast to the Blonde, which discusses the enduring appeal of ....' Then, still in the introduction, you should precis the order in which points are going to be raised or territories explored, so '... 'The assignment will establish a broad definition of 'shape-shifting' before examining the specific legend of... In conclusion, the cultural significance of .... will be explored.'

    Put simply - you use the introduction as an entirely practical 'forecast' of what the reader can expect and why.

    Generally, I'm very happy with your progress so far, Meg - and I look forward to seeing where all of this goes in the remaining weeks...

  4. Thanks Phil! I didn't consider the social impact of my metamorphosis - I suppose I'm rather naive in thinking people would just deal with it. And thanks especially for the essay tips, I wasn't quite sure how to approach it so I'll bear that in mind when I rewrite it.