Thursday, 6 October 2011

Face Study 1

Not a perfect likeness. but for my first ever self portrait, I'd say it's not too shabby. I left it black and white because I felt it was easier to see the overall shape without colour.

I figured out several key elements of my face through this study;
- Face halfway between oval and rectangle
- Hair that cannot decide which direction to go in (already knew this one)
- Distinctive dark ring around irises
- Cleft chin
- Thick neck
- Upturned nose with small nostrils
- Slight squint in right eye, eyes don't quite focus
- Thin lips
- Neutral expression halfway between concern and contempt regardless of actual emotion


  1. *Hair that cannot decide which direction to go in (already knew this one)*


    First ever portrait? Good for you - more please!

  2. you dont have an upturned nose with small nostrils :] Study's looking nice, Meg. If you're planning to do few more self-portraits/studies like that, try capturing yourself in a particular emotion ( not necessarily in an extreme one, like anger-shouting and so after) And see how is it going to capture something even more than likeness of you.

  3. Hello Meg :) Just posting to say that the portrait is great! As Phil has said, this being you first portrait is very good, caught my eye in fact ^ ^ Ummm, I think it was when we were watching Company for Wolves that I gave you those ideas to do with teeth and the Goblin Shark? Well I remembered a piece of digital art work that reminds me of the shark-like teeth structure, the rows of teeth and such sooo.. Here you go! Hope it's useful :)

  4. Thank you all! I don't have a problem with my nose, I'm fine with it being upturned and small-nostrilled XD

    I'll give the emotion-studies a shot. I tend to look somewhat goofy when I emote, so this could be interesting. Brace yourselves!

    And oh my those are some serious teeth. Methinks that will be going on my influence map, thanks Ollie!