Friday, 3 May 2013

Final Video Submission

Edited to credit Taff Girdlestone for the voiceover - sorry Taff!

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  1. Meg - it's REALLY important that you complete this film to YOUR satisfaction - otherwise this becomes baggage you drag with you for months to come. You know your own mind and you can be very stubborn - both things I like about you very much - but I'm actually giving you an order, here Meg - and if you trust me even a little bit, you just have to rely on the fact that I know the likely consequence for you of always being niggled at by what didn't go according to plan. I really want you to be able to screen the completed work at the CGAA Super Screening on Friday May 24th in Lecture Theatre 2 - what do you say? (Remember, it was an order actually, so chop chop!) :)