Thursday, 3 November 2011

Yet More Thumbnails

Some initial doodles, done before my Phil-induced epiphany of 'oh hey, no interiors'. I inverted this one and the next one to make them easier to see, but the last two read badly in white-on-black so I left them as-is.

 Starting to drill into the pearl grotto. The description of arches like Tuscan architecture caught my eye, so I really tried to make the arches/pillars the focal point.

And the petrified forest again. Starting to look at putting the trees into a scene, but it's still a bit clunky so I'll have to work on streamlining it.

And some thoughts on the coral cemetery. The idea of it being in some kind of basin isn't actually in the text, but it struck me and I had to get it down. I like the idea of it being some kind of sanctuary for the dead - Arronax specifically refers to the dead resting safely there - so enclosing it somehow could help that.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah it is lava lol i just havent added colour to it yet, i'm doing some more thumbnails in cinematic, so more stretched out and not so simitrical and centre point and after that i will do colour ones on adobe.

    i like your white on black thumbnails that you have done espically the one with the notes on the bottom right corner one, are they trees btw in the middle? if they are they look really good seems like you've got it coming along swimmingly :)