Monday, 14 November 2011

Rough Studies

Couple of loose environment studies for the grotto and the graveyard. Trying to move into colour because I really really need to. Also realising exactly how wide 16:9 is, that is to say, very.


  1. a great study of a tunnel! it looks smoky, also, the ground seems to be ..covered by a dense dense fog, seems 'fuzzy'
    Another little note, and this is what I notice in most of works, is that the ground seems to be going uo the hill

  2. I agree with J.J, the tunnel study is very good! The bluish tint to the rock is helping to set the mood for the viewer and seem to work very much in sync with the highlights :D Also a second that the ground needs to be a lot more distinguishable, covered in dense fog or not those con-caving columns of rock almost seem like they're floating, perhaps introduce a source of very dull brown, skimming against the floor. I know, sample the yellowish-brown from the bottom-left rock formations in the foreground, in return that will keep the colour palette within a steady flux :)

  3. Thanks all! I had really been struggling with the floor (and holy crap it does go uphill, never noticed that), so thanks for the advice!