Monday, 7 November 2011

More Influence Maps

My visual concept, which is 'equal parts menacing and whimsical', to make the locales the protagonists visit reflect their situation, i.e. being kept prisoner in a gilded cage.

Influences for the underwater cemetery - I want to keep the colours very muted for this one, even though the coral is described as bright and exotic. It is a very sombre scene, and I want the atmosphere to reflect that.

And the underwater grotto. This isn't a definitive influence map - I will likely alter it as I progress. I am mostly looking at form and the 'architecture' of the cave rather than colour at the moment, hence why it is a work in progress.

The petrified forest will be interesting, as it is under red light which is entirely contrary to how one imagines an underwater scene (add to that the fact that underwater volcanoes tend to be more steam than light, but that's neither here nor there). I definitely want this to be on the foreboding end of the scale of whimsy to menace, as it is described as being nearly black but for the glow of the volcano and the protagonists' lights, and I imagine the trees would make some eerie silhouettes in the gloom.

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