Friday, 1 February 2013

Attempting to Comprehend the Carcere. Send Help.

More work on the pre-viz, with a bit of improvising for the background forms. Still nowhere near finished.

Where does that pillar/wall/thing with poles sticking out go? Further back, where it meets the bar coming off the far wall but doesn't pass the bottom of the shot like it does in the original?

Is it closer to the camera?

But then what about the far wall? The strut coming out of the side connects to the two struts coming out from the pillar nearest camera! The far wall can't come forward or it disconnects from the central pavilion thing.

Does it descend lower than the camera to give the illusion of being closer? Where the hell is the floor, anyway? And how does this camera work?

I am beginning to understand why Piranesi could never get a job in architecture.

1 comment:

  1. Ah i see :) even unfinished it looks really surreal and ... well cool :) deffinatly keep going with it. I have no understanding of architecture so cant help with that but i have two suggestions 1) there has to be text on it somewhere. hate to sound all hermione (thats a lie, i love it) but perhaps burried away is a writen study of this piece? 2) i might even help to run a practice of this with something smaller... the impossible staircase? or of that type, so you start getting your head around false perspective.
    thats the best I can do for help im afraid :/ but its an awesome project so stick with it :)