Friday, 30 November 2012

Photoshop Speedpaints

Photoshop Phil had us working at ludicrous speed today - 15 minutes on each set of three sketches, or 5 minutes/sketch. It was pretty fun, and you can see my work loosen up with each sketch.


We then grabbed our favourite of the panels and worked into it for ten more minutes; amazing the difference a deadline makes! Phil showed me how to make crisp snow shadows with the lasso tool, which not only sped me up but immensely improved the final outcome.


  1. Second sheet looks really interesting and I really like the last piece too : )
    Good job!

  2. Your final paint of the environment is wonderfully expansive. It feels like it stretches on forever!

  3. I'm loving the work from this Photoshop session - genuinely exciting stuff :D