Thursday, 15 November 2012

@Phil - Requesting Opinion

I'm attempting to expand the space of the bunker to show that it is, in fact, a military intsallation like you suggested. I'm tied between #7 and #8 - #7 clearly shows the bunker-type environment but I'm still unhappy with the idea of the space having windows. #8 immediately shifts the location from somewhere quiet and peaceful to something a bit darker, but I worry that it's a cop-out. Opinions?


  1. I think 8 is actually a very clever solution - but not very 'environment' - I actually like 6, though it 'hides' a lot of the detail you've worked hard to establish - for me, 7 doesn't communicate 'imprisonment' as effectively as 6. In truth, I think the window option can't unpick what's bleak about this space because it so obviously IS a cell of somekind. Can I suggest you puzzle this out a bit more? In terms of window designs etc. perhaps look at depictions of visors for welders or similar real world examples of 'windows/expanses of glass' in high risk spaces?

    1. Thanks Phil! I'll do some high-velocity thinking, but I apologise if my OGR submission is a touch late. To the drawing board!