Monday, 9 January 2012

Thumbnails, Yet Again

On Phil's advice I moved away from the post-apocalyptic theme, instead focussing on incongruous elements in everyday life. #28 is supposed to be a milk bottle at a fancy doorway, but it didn't work so it was scrapped pretty quickly. #26 turned out to be the catalyst for the rest of the images in the 'buildings where they do not belong' sense, while #29 got me thinking about skyscrapers.

More experimentation with skyscrapers where they do not belong. I'd been looking at a variety of photos of houses on cliffs and noticed that some of them used cliff stacks, i.e. tall pillars of rock where part of the cliff has fallen away and left a little bit standing out in the sea. There were three thumbnails looking at this, but muggins here forgot to save them so I'll redo them at some point.

Skyscraper designs. I considered making the skyscraper fancy and ornate, but eventually I realised that if I made the skyscraper 'special' and put it in a special location, the viewer wouldn't be hit as hard by it because 'oh hey, fancy skyscraper, fancy location, no problem'. The sheer generic-ness of the final design in the painting is what makes it uncanny.

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