Monday, 9 January 2012

Concept Painting

I was terrified when I painted this. I deliberately wanted to keep it simple and have very few elements in the painting to enhance the sense of isolation and remove any context for the scene, but I couldn't shake the feeling of 'if I don't make this absurdly complicated and put insane detail into every little thing then they'll think I can't paint!' Getting past that feeling was what allowed me to make headway with it and start valuing the few elements involved rather than trying to fight the simplicity. I considered adding birds for scale, but decided that, once again, it needed to be a) completely isolated and b) completely context-free to work. I still want to go back and make the skyscraper complex and detailed, but I know that doing so would just detract from it.


  1. am liking the bravery here, but there is a scale issue here - or is there? Hmmmm...

  2. Im not sure about the scale here. Something seems right while something holds it back but i really like the waves, though that could be the issue here with the size. The cliff is over half the size of the building and the wave is over half of the cliff if I'm looking at this right, thats one big wave :)