Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Concept Painting, Take Two

Fixed the sizing problem with the wave - as Phil and Tom pointed out, it would a tsunami if it was going to get that high up the cliff. Also touched up the rock and applied some fog to the top of the skyscraper to suggest that it's huge.

And a version with more fog, more refelcted light and some faint edge lighting. Not sure which one I prefer, I'll sleep on it and see how they look in the morning.


  1. okay - but isn't the texturing of your 'grass' also suggestive now that the skyscraper is rather tiny? I can see distinct blades of grass there you see. You know, I think you need to check out lots and lots of real world reference to nail the scale on this promising concept.

  2. I quite like it, yes the scale needs work but all in all its not to bad :)