Sunday, 11 September 2011

Structure Concept Final

'Twas the night before uni', and all through the air came the screams of a fresher tearing out all her hair.

I am so glad this piece is done. Sketching and fleshing the design out was great fun - the final turnaround, not so much. I may fiddle with it more on Wednesday or Thursday, but for now I am going to wash my hands of this.

Just finalising the shape and the bowl design. I went back to my earlier sketches for the bowl, as the round one felt too 'shoved-in' whereas moulding the bowl to the cavity in the cliff made it seem more deliberate.

And the final sketches. As is almost always the way they look better (and tidier) than the final piece. Ho hum.

And the colour tests. I mostly played around with the type of rock - sandstone, basalt, limestone, granite and what-have-you, along with a couple of no-particular-type-of-rock designs. I settled on #6, as the bluish grey would complement the fire without drawing attention away from it (as if you could miss it), and the tan of the ceramic is neutral enough for the eye to pass over while still being visible. The white of #4, which I originally considered, was too stark against the rock and drew the eye more to the bowl than the rock itself.

And the final piece, wonky perspective and all. I am not particularly happy with the back-view cross-section (the third one along) - it worked fine as lines, but colour stuffed it up, especially as I tried to incorporate the narrow ledge with the stairs on one side, forcing me to narrow the side to make it show. Also I realised as I worked on this that I had shot myself in the foot with this design - it meant that I would have to paint fire, at which I am pants. Fire is one of the things that I can reference and reference and reference and still can't get right. Alas. Overall I think the design is still strong, but the final execution of it is the weakest of my three turnarounds. As I say, it may be meddled with further, but I make no guarantees.

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