Sunday, 14 August 2011

101 Sketches, Part the Third

A few repeats in this one as I had some spaces on existing spreads, so forgive me for that. Not as many sketches here as I would like, but I am now over halfway through!

I finished up this spread, and I'm feeling quite ambiguous as to whether I like it. I like #16, as I've never tried designing a small midge-sized insect before and I think it came out quite well. #17 I have a real love-hate relationship with as you have to look really hard to get any sense of it being a creature, but once you do it does actually look all right, even if I can't figure out which end's the front. I like the idea of a massive head or abdomen being pushed or dragged by two stubby legs, it's kind of cute in a miserable, pathetic way.

You've seen most of these, but I've added #19 and #20 so you can see them again. I'm quite pleased with #20 - the legs are definitely the most interesting part of the design, so I kept the rest of it fairly plain to make the legs the main event. #19 just sort of happened, and I'm not sure if I like it. I do like the crest-fan-thingy around its head, but beyond that I'm not particularly interested in it.

And back to machines. I'm actually quite pleased with these ones, especially #51 and #52. #51 could be some kind of cargo hauler, while I have no idea what #52 is and yet I'm okay with this. #53 was kind of improvised, I lay down the shape, realised it looked nothing like a machine and just decided 'stuff it, it's a ski lift'.


  1. It's great that you're at the halfway stage, everything's a lot more relaxing from here! I like number 20, I think it would be cool to use its current legs as the 'thigh' part and maybe give it really long legs like 24, or even use them as wings. I also think your #14 silhouette is interesting as well!

    The machines are coming along nicely too! Have a go at making slightly different, combined or cleaner versions of the ones you like, it'll be great to see what you come up with. Keep it up! :D

  2. Hey Meg, No 14 has definite potential to be taken further - that silhouette has a lot of comedy to it - and the big, bulky bovine No 13 could be taken interesting places too.

  3. ... and number 20 has bags of charm too - a really simple, effective cartoon shape.

  4. Hi Meg, I will be starting at the same time as you. I think you are very brave being the first to post your work.
    I like the way youve numbered your work, it really helps me follow your thoughts. Didn't think of that myself!