Sunday, 21 August 2011

101 Sketches, Part the Fifth

Ladies and gentlemen, I am done. At least until tomorrow when I start working on the refined concepts. I have reached 101 sketches, so onto the next stage!

More silhouettes, some significantly sillier than others. None of these ones particularly appeal to me except #84 and #85. #84 strikes me as a very, very pompous apartment building, populated by the nouveau riche that have nothing better to do with their money than to spend it on a flat in one of the most architecturally ludicrous buildings they could find. #85 is a combination of the underground shaft and the lighthouse/beacon type thing from the last batch. Combining them didn't make either of them much stronger, but it's no weaker for it either. This probably means that the design itself is lacking, so probably not one to take further.

Here I played with other forms of structure than just accomodation - bridges, fountains, whatever the hell #95 is, etc. I'm especially pleased with #90, which started out as an excuse to use the high heel shape and conveniently happened at the same time I was pondering more efficient ways of getting spacecraft into orbit than using masses of fuel and creating so much noise that water has to be spread on the launch pad to muffle the noise that would otherwise damage sensitive equipment (and people's ears). The result? Industrial-strength slingshot. Whether it could get anything up to escape velocity is debatable, but it entertains me nonetheless.

You can tell that I'm running out of steam and grasping for ideas with this spread. All are fairly simple, and I will confess that that's because I was on the home stretch and wanted to get to that magical 101 quickly. Still, I do like #97 (though it taught me one very important thing - yes, you should look at your reference when you draw, but not so much that you don't look at the paper, only to look back and think 'what is this?!'). I don't know what it is, maybe some kind of fancy skyscraper, but if you ignore the dreadful linework it looks pretty. I also quite like #101, despite the fact that I rushed it. I plucked a couple of shapes at random and combined them, and they actually complement each other nicely.


  1. I really like your #84 and #85. I'm quite intrigued to see what 84 will look like when it's refined a little more and I also really like your grand beacon (it may be my love for LOTR talking there :P) I really enjoy #90's quirky slingshot idea, that could be a lot of fun when it's tidied up a little.

    Nice work for hitting your 101! I'm looking forward to seeing your final 3 designs :D!

  2. Congrats! Now time to really screw into your chosen three and get them evolved and evolving; you'll need to think about their materials, textures, lighting, function, movement - the works! Have fun :)