Monday, 1 October 2012

Initial Thumbs

 The Magic Shop - I have distinctive memories of trips to London and finding impossibly narrow shops full of sundries and strangenesses, which I want to channel into the magic shop. Perspective remains a struggle for me, hence why I am glad I'm doing interiors because I really need the practice. In order to get a better idea of how things might sit within the shop/glorified corridor, I hashed out a couple of possible floorplans as well.

The Red Room - this extract has more 'stuff' in it - that is, there are more objects and things mentioned in the text that need to be accounted for. The bed, the fireplace, two great mirrors, the barricade of furniture, the many, many candles and, of course, the dark little alcove in the wall that so fills the protagonist with dread. This one will probably also need a floorplan.


  1. Hey meg I really like these thumbnails especially how you have done birds eye view images to show where things go and the size of the room

  2. I like Magic Room 1 because there's a frame going on around the edge... suggesting the closed in nature of the room. Have you thought about mirrors to extend the world... adding an extra level?
    and 3 from red room... The symmetry works nicely and the room feels really tall. Loving the atmosphere in 1 though. like hazey candlelight

  3. Hey Meg - back in the game! :D