Monday, 19 March 2012

So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

Or, Stop the World, I Want to Get Off

These past few months my mental health has taken a turn for the worse, so I'm going to be taking an interruption - that is, I'm going to press the pause button on the course. I'll be back this time next year, in next year's year one, but I'll still be about on the blogs. Thanks y'all for being amusing, and helpful, and there. I'll miss you all terribly, and much as I'd love to stay, I have to go.

See you in twelve months,



  1. Take Care. And give me a text some time :)

  2. :(

    I'm a sad GTA now! Hope the next 12 months is suitably relaxing. A year to practice UV'ing. Woohoo! ;-)

    Good luck for when you come back! :-D

  3. Stay on the radar - we'll miss you! (And your encyclopaedic knowledge). See you next year! xxx

  4. Sorry to hear this Meg, hope you take care and see you next year :) If you do anything in between I'm sure people would like to see it uploaded on here I know I would!

  5. Yes - I'm going to miss you too, Meg - one of the most talented writers I've had the pleasure of reading; but, 12 months is a short time in CGAA-land and you'll be back in the saddle (see what I did there!) in no time. Everyone is right, of course - we look forward to seeing your work as and when, and a number of your classmates could benefit from your advice re. academic writing and structure and how to ride a horse side-saddle when you're legs have inexplicably fused together following an unfortunate incident with a matter transmitter... :) Take the very best care of yourself - and as Tom says - get that UV-ing sorted - and everything else for matter; come back, and blow me away! :) If you fancy a chat anytime - email me - no probs.